Hiroshi HAGIYA


200709 Fiji Is.

1967.2.13 born in Mito, 100km NNE of Tokyo

1973.4-1979.3 Sakado Primary School

1979.4-1982.3 Mito 4th Junior High School

1982.4-1985.3 Mito 1st High School

1986.4-1988.3 The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Arts and Sciences.(Science-I)

1988.4-1990.3 The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Science, Department of Geology. BSc

1990.4-1992.3 The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Science, MSc

1992.4-1997.3 As Above. Doctoral Course, finished without DSc - not accepted.

Komaba Museum, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo

2003.4-2008.3 Lecturer(Assistant Professor), Musashi Institute of Technology

2008.4- Associate Professor, Musashi Institute of Technology

2009.4- Associate Professor, Department of Natural Science, Tokyo City University - renamed from Musashi Inst. Tech.